A bill to add more state oversight to the Utah Transit Authority and also increase the responsibilities of its Board of Trustees has failed in the House, 30-38.

The measure, HB188, was sponsored by Rep. Wayne Harper, R-West Jordan. It was intended to address several concerns with the management of the UTA board, and also concerns in a recent audit regarding executive salaries and accuracy of information released by the agency.

Several members of House leadership spoke against the measure, saying it went too far in changing the governance of UTA. Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper, who also serves on the UTA board, said he believed the agency was working hard to fix concerns raised in the audit.

"I certainly don't consider myself in my role as an 'amen' corner," Hughes said. "I think there are serious concerns with UTA and the audit demonstrated there are concerns, but this audit is being taken very seriously."

A second bill dealing with UTA and its Board of Trustees is still working through the legislative process. The measure would give the state more representation on the UTA board and require the group to use its internal auditor, but had no other mandates.

Sen. Sheldon Killpack, R-Syracuse is running the second bill, SB231.