Following are links to some of the best of what we've seen in the Bloggernacle today (02-27-08):

— Taking the role of an analyst, Daves Mormon Inquiry deftly navigates through the Danzig debate in "Reflections on the Musician Affair". Whether you agree or disagree, this measured examination is well worth the read.

— The Pew Forum report on the U.S. Religious Landscape prompted three interesting posts: "Mormonism is No Longer a Missionary Faith," in which J. Nelson-Seawright argues that United States Mormonism "now has the demographic profile of an established intergenerational church more than a missionary one;" "Mormon Replacement Rate Negative in United States," in which Hellmut argues that "for every five members who leave Mormonism behind four new converts join the Church;" and "Mormons in the Pew Report," in which Matt B discusses how "Mormons are on the cultural margins of American religion and life." Great discussion!

— Sex. One of the most attention-grabbing words in our language. And fMhLisa explains that the overarching worldview of sex is "messed up, glossed over, plastic, fake, objectified sex. Raunch is going mainstream." And she proposes that we need to talk about it more, to better educate our children in Sex Talk II. She explains that we too often are afraid to intelligently discuss it and this is resulting in mixed messages. Join the conversation about opening up the conversation.