Non-resident aliens who apply for a concealed weapons permit in Utah would have to clear background checks domestically and in their resident country under provisions proposed in a bill heard by a House committee Tuesday.

HB195, sponsored by Rep. Merlynn Newbold, R-South Jordan, adds another layer of security to the present system which only requires that an applicant pass a background check of U.S. records.

"If no information is found," Newbold said, "it is assumed the person is eligible."

Under the new system, if an applicant is a citizen of a country without a searchable criminal database, or the applicant's resident nation denies information access, the Bureau of Criminal Identification can deny the application.

Newbold said the new requirements insure that Utah "does not hold U.S. citizens to a higher standard" than non-residents.

The House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice standing committee passed HB195 favorably back to the House floor for further consideration.