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Associated Press
Greenpeace activists in London attach banner to aircraft Monday.

Britain: Runway protest

LONDON — Five environmental activists were arrested after they climbed onto a plane at London's Heathrow Airport on Monday to protest plans to build a third runway there.

Greenpeace said the activists walked across the tarmac and climbed onto the British Airways Airbus A320 after it landed on a domestic flight from Manchester in northern England.

The three men and two women wrapped a banner around the tail fin reading: "Climate Emergency — No Third Runway."

Greenpeace opposes plans for a third runway at Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport, saying it would worsen global warming.

Iraq: Wheelchair bomber

BAGHDAD — A man in a wheelchair laden with explosives persuaded security guards Monday to push him into an Iraqi operations center, where he blew himself up in an attack that killed the center's deputy commander.

The infiltration, along with a U.S. report that insurgents used an adolescent to carry out a suicide attack against a mosque last week, was the latest indication that al-Qaida in Iraq is expanding its tactics to avoid detection before a bombing.

The Iraqi military indefinitely banned all motorcycles, bicycles and hand-pushed and horse-drawn carts from Baghdad's streets on Sunday, two days after a bomb hidden under a horse-drawn cart exploded downtown, killing three civilians.

Israel: Migrants arrested

TEL AVIV — Israeli police arrested about 200 African migrants Monday, a day after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ordered a crackdown on the growing problem of illegal immigration, officials said.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the migrants, mostly Sudanese who entered through the porous border with Egypt, were arrested in a raid near Tel Aviv's old bus station, where many live. Rosenfeld said the arrests would continue this week.

North Korea: N.Y. Philharmonic

PYONGYANG — Swirling dancers and musicians beating traditional drums welcomed the New York Philharmonic to North Korea Monday for a historic cultural exchange between countries that have been technically at war for more than a half-century.

In a burst of musical diplomacy notably devoid of propaganda glorifying leader Kim Jong Il or attacks on U.S. policy, North Korean dancers balanced water jars on their heads or twirled pink and green fans to entertain the celebrated American orchestra — which gave them a standing ovation.

The Philharmonic is the first major American cultural group to visit the isolated communist nation and the largest-ever delegation from the U.S. to visit its longtime foe.

As part of its 48-hour trip, the 106-member orchestra was to play a concert today that will be broadcast on state-run radio and TV, where the U.S. is the target of daily condemnation.

Pakistan: General killed

ISLAMABAD — A top Pakistani general was killed Monday when a suicide attacker approached his car at a traffic light in Rawalpindi and blew himself up, military officials said.

In addition to killing the general, Lt. Gen. Mushtaq Ahmad Baig, the surgeon general of the Pakistani army, the attack on his staff car claimed the lives of eight other people.

The attack took place in a crowded commercial neighborhood in Rawalpindi, a garrison town just outside the capital, Islamabad.