Utah internet service providers could earn a state-approved "G-rating" for filtering content and insuring that users could not access pornography under provisions in a bill heard by a House committee on Monday.

HB407, sponsored by Rep. Michael Morley, R-Spanish Fork, would require the Utah Division of Consumer Protection to create a designation called the Community Conscious Internet Provider. Under the designation, providers would need to meet a set of criteria forbidding the publication or access to "prohibited" material. After attaining the "seal of approval", providers would be subject for fines up to $10,000 for violating requirements.

"It's very difficult to figure out a way to monitor the internet," Morley said. "I think it's a positive thing for those who are looking for a site that is dedicated to fighting pornography."

Candice Daly, representing the American Electronics Association testified that companies she represents, including Google and Yahoo, were opposed to the legislation.

"They're very concerned about this particular piece of legislation," Daly said. "They don't see themselves as signing up for this seal."

The House Government Operations standing committee passed HB407 our with a favorable recommendation. It now returns to the House floor for further consideration.