Winner: Local control was the winner this week when the House killed a bill that would have required all Utah public schools to draft policies on the use of electronic devices. A lot of school districts already have strict rules on cell phone usage. Those that don't must not think it is a problem. In any event, those policies are best kept at the district level, where people closest to the problems can react appropriately.

Loser: Moody's says 10.3 percent of all U.S. homeowners now owe more on their homes than what they're worth, according to the New York Times. That has given rise to suggestions the government do something, such as buy up mortgages and refinancing them. That would be a huge mistake.

A lot of those homeowners have unwisely borrowed against their equity. Other mortgage holders don't actually live in their houses but are renting them out. An official bailout would reward bad behavior and punish legitimate investors, which ultimately would hurt the overall economy more than the current crisis.