WASHINGTON — A House committee on Friday subpoenaed the co-owner of Utah's Crandall Canyon Mine, where nine people died in August.

The subpoenas order Bob Murray, CEO of the Ohio-based Murray Energy Corp., and P. Bruce Hill, president of an affiliated company, UtahAmerican Energy, to give depositions on March 18-19 or another date.

Lawmakers have been investigating what happened at Crandall Canyon.

Six miners were trapped 1,800 feet below ground on Aug. 6. It was never learned if they survived the cave-in, and their bodies have not been recovered. Three other men were killed as rescuers tried to tunnel toward the miners 10 days later.

"Our goal in speaking with Mr. Murray and Mr. Hill is the same as our goal in this investigation — to learn what went wrong at the Crandall Canyon Mine so that we can apply lessons learned from this tragedy to ensure that nothing like it happens again," said Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee.

Murray declined invitations to appear at earlier Senate hearings on the mine collapse. He was also subpoenaed by the Senate Appropriations labor subcommittee, and a hearing is expected in March or April.

In a statement, Murray Energy said it is cooperating with Miller's committee and others investigating the tragedy.