In Frank C. Overfelt's latest whine (Readers' Forum, Feb. 22) he complains about Barack Obama's naivete. Frank needs to think before he speaks. The Bush administration was naive to think the Iraqis would embrace us and embrace democracy. The surge is "working" because we are paying the insurgents to not fight. And who are our "allies" in the Mideast? Saudi Arabia, which literally has us over a barrel and still practices a medieval sharia law, other oil producers and Israel, the junior partner of U.S. Inc.

We stayed in Germany because of the Cold War and because Germany had no army for 10 years after the war. Iraq has an "army" whose allegiances change almost with the weather.

If anyone has proved to be unqualified, it is the current administration. Its legacy will be that of an unqualified failure.

Kelly Amott