A series of historic windows from Cedar City's oldest remaining home have returned, almost as mysteriously as they vanished.

The three window panes disappeared in November 2005 when the Hunter House was being taken apart to prepare for its move to the Iron Mission State Park.

"There was a lot of construction activity going on and one night the crews came back and those three windows were gone," said park manager Todd Prince.

The windows were made in the 1860s, when the pioneer-era home was constructed. The glass isn't very clear and it has bubbles in them. The window panes adorned the two sides of the front door and above it.

"It's not so much they're valuable in terms of dollars. They're valuable in terms of historical significance," Prince said.

The park believed the windows had been stolen, but never filed a police report. Recently, they showed up on the front doors of the museum. Authorities have no idea why they were suddenly returned.

"Someone just dropped them off in the night," Prince said. "There was no note, anything like that."

Members of the Hunter House Restoration Committee and the Hunter family expressed thanks to the mysterious person who returned the stolen windows.

"It is gratifying to see the return of the original windows," restoration committee member Janet Seegmiller said in a statement Friday. "This product of a pioneer craftsman could never have really been replaced."

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