Two Hildale police officers acted lawfully in detaining a man in 2004, a federal judge ruled this week.

U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball dismissed the case against Hildale and the officers Wednesday.

"There has been somewhat of a drum beat against these Hildale marshals for some time, and it is satisfying that we have shown them to be the professionals they truly are," attorney Peter Stirba said in press statement Thursday.

In September 2005, Andrew Chatwin accused Hildale marshals Fred Barlow, Helaman Barlow and Jonathan Roundy of violating his constitutional rights when they handcuffed him and detained him for more than an hour.

The incident started when Chatwin tried to move into a home owned by the United Effort Plan trust, which owns much of the property around the polygamous community.

In his lawsuit, Chatwin claimed to be the homeowner. He said he left the property under his father's care in 1996 and was blocked by then-leader Warren Jeffs when he tried to return in 2004.

When Chatwin went to visit his father at the home in 2004, police were called. The man was handcuffed and investigated for trespassing.