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'Home Rich'

By Gerri Willis

Ballantine, $25

This advice book, subtitled "Increasing the Value of the Biggest Investment of Your Life," is about home values. It is written by Gerri Willis, anchor of CNN's weekend business program "Open House," who asserts that while the tradition says a person lives in the same home for his/her entire life, the national average now is about nine years.

Because the real-estate market is more volatile than it used to be, it requires knowledge about the buying process. So Willis discusses these topics — "Before You Buy," "Buy Right," "Keep Up Your Investment," "Upgrade in Ways that Count" and "Sell Right."

Although the structure is textbookish, Willis writes in an accessible style. — Dennis Lythgoe

'Walking on Eggshells'

By Jane Isay

Flying Dolphin, $14 (softcover)

This book, subtitled "Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents," is actually "a gentle guide" for those who can't figure out the adult/adult relationship.

Jane Isay has spent most of her life high up in the publishing business. This is her initiation into the writer's role.

The book emanates from her personal experience struggling with her role as an adult parent with adult children. She notes here that most people believe that when children grow up and leave home the parental role is diminished or even relinquished. Not so.

Most people soon realize that they are just beginning a new stage of parenting. There is helpful wisdom here. — Dennis Lythgoe

'Ambition Is No a Dirty Word'

By Debra Condren

Broadway, $14 (softcover)

This helpful book, subtitled "A Woman's Guide to Earning Her Worth and Achieving Her Dreams," is by a business psychologist and the founder of the Women's Business Alliance. She advises women to tackle their own dreams and do some of the things decreed by their talents and not worry about being thought of as bad mothers or bad wives.

She discusses priorities, guilt, sacrifice and reclaiming dreams in a realistic and wry manner. For women who work and worry about it, this book provides good advice and even a road map to follow a dream. — Dennis Lythgoe