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Built to Spill has pushed back its follow-up album for a few weeks.

Built to Spill lead singer/guitarist and founder Doug Martsch didn't plan to tour until the band recorded a new album.

"We didn't exactly follow that plan," Martsch said in a phone call from his home in Boise. "We were going to record a new album later this month, but we got a call to play a festival in Florida. We have toured all over the northwestern United States and Canada, but have not been to the South that much. And we've never played in Florida. So, we thought it was a great idea to build a tour around that gig."

That means the follow-up CD to 2006's "You in Reverse" was pushed back a few weeks while the band takes on the tour.

"I don't quite know what songs we're going to be playing this time out," Martsch said. "I don't know if we're going to road-test any of the new songs. I do know that when we go to Salt Lake, I'll be looking at what we played the last time we were there and try to mix things up a bit."

Since 1992, Built to Spill has been playing shows and recording CDs. Back then, things were a little more intense, Martsch said. "I'm older now and things aren't as life-or-death anymore. I mean, I have all these ideas for songs and I write, but it's not like when I was younger.

"I never thought I'd be playing music for a living like I am. I never thought I'd still be on the same major label that I signed to more than a decade ago. While being in a band is hard work, the playing live is the easiest thing we do."

Martsch said he had written a bunch of songs for the new album.

"That's pretty much what I have been doing all these years," he said. "I have some songs that were left off the last CD because they didn't fit. The new album is going to be a pop album. The songs are a bit slower and more pop."

Martsch said the new album was originally going to be composed of songs the band recorded in different studios across the nation while on tour. "But the recordings we did didn't hold up well. So we scrapped that idea."

Still, he felt it was time to record a new album because he had all these songs that needed to be put down on a CD.

"I think the album after the next one will be more of a collaborative work," he said. "I would like the rest of the band to be part of the process. We have all this talent and all the guys have good ideas. I want to give them a chance to do more."

In the meanwhile, Built to Spill is focused on the upcoming tour.

"We're just going out for a month," said Martsch. "We're booking shows to play on the way down to Florida, and we're booking shows to play on the way back home."

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