It was about nine or 10 years ago that the people of Utah put pressure on our legislators to have some sort of term limitations. Under pressure, they voted for eight-year terms. In an article I wrote soon after this pressured vote, I said that when the time comes for these legislators to actually have to give up their status, privileges and power, they will vote this down. It happened. They are still there.

We forget "we the people" have the power. If we the people decide to have term limitations, then vote out of office those who have been there for eight years or longer. If we the people don't want the legislators to accept gifts and bribes from lobbyists and special interests, then vote out those who accept them. If the legislators are not going to represent the voice of the people, then we have to assume that the legislators think that the average Utahn is either too dumb or too uninterested to care.

Doug Walters