A bill that would require school boards to create policies on electronic devices, addressing specifics such as if and when the devices are allowed in school, was killed in the House Monday after a 33-37 vote.

Sheryl Allen, R-Bountiful, who sponsored the measure said it was brought to her attention by school security officers that sometimes devices like cell phones are used for cheating or bullying and embarrassing students.

HB295 would have required school districts to create policies that would prohibit using devices to humiliate or harass others and require parents to pick up confiscated devices.

It would have to outline procedures on reporting of the misuse and confiscations of the electronic device and the state school board also has to come up with a model policy to share.

Currently, all but about 25 percent of Utah schools already have various policies. Principals say they'd like stronger, more uniform rules, Allen said.

But other lawmakers felt it was the local school boards and school districts' job to come up with policies and decide what is in them, if they so choose. Plus, the majority of districts already have existing policies related to electronic devices.