At first I was inclined to overlook Sen. Chris Buttars' remark, thinking "black" is a word we frequently use to describe darkness of feeling. Then my husband pointed out that the senator had not called the "problem" black and ugly but had used the term "black" and "ugly" along with the word "baby."

I have now formed a different opinion.

My husband and I served a mission in Zimbabwe. I came to love black African babies. The only possible description for them is "beautiful." I never saw an ugly African child.

Before our mission ended I had become so colorblind that when I looked in the mirror I was stunned to see that I was not black. My greatest hope for Sen. Buttars is that he will resign from the Senate and volunteer to serve an African LDS mission. His health will improve because he will fall in love with Africa and the African people, especially the babies.

Joy Robinson

Salt Lake City