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Video from the Fat Cats Bowling Center shows two women who are being sought in a shooting and robbery at the home of a man they met at Fat Cats. A male accomplice shot the victim.

Police are continuing their investigation into a home robbery and shooting of a man who met two women at a bowling alley. They later showed up at the man's house with another man who ended up shooting the victim.

The victim encountered the two women at the Fat Cats Bowling Center, 3739 S. 900 East, on Jan. 15 and exchanged phone numbers with them.

Later, the women called and asked if they could stay the night because they had no place to go. After they came to his apartment in the East Millcreek area, the man then heard the front door open, and upon going to investigate found another man in the living room wearing a ski mask and holding a silver, semiautomatic pistol.

The intruder took the victim upstairs, forced him onto the floor and pistol whipped him, while the two women rummaged around looking for valuables.

The intruder ordered the victim to move into another bedroom and, at one point, the victim tried to grab the gun but he fell during a struggle and ended up being shot in the left shoulder. The trio then fled the apartment.

The incident occurred about 2:45 a.m.

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Paul Jaroscak said the victim was "recovering just fine from the injury" and said officers hope that a video from the bowling center clearly shows the two women.

"If we can identify the women, that will certainly lead us to the man who shot him," Jaroscak said.

The sheriff's office issued a widespread press release in hopes that the public and other police agencies would remember something similar taking place in another community, which could provide a vital lead.

Jaroscak said Fat Cats Bowling Center has been "very, very cooperative" with the sheriff's office and, after a few technical troubles in operating the video system, provided the tape to police.

Anyone with information is asked to call detective Christine Brown at 743-5863.

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