The Utah House on Friday took a moment to thank the families of the 15 soldiers who were killed last year in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rep. Kerry Gibson, R-Ogden, noted how many had gathered in the House, as the families crowded into the front of the chambers.

"Today, (all those who had fallen) are our sons, too. You have suffered unthinkable grief. We can not return those who have gone, but can charish the virtue of their sacrifice in thought and deed," he said.

A small boy stood next to House Speaker Greg Curtis, R-Sandy. His arm around the boy, Curtis said that he knows some of the grief the familes have felt — as it was clear that he knew one family personally.

Mike Barnes attended the ceremony with his wife, Stacy, and children Owen, Isabelle, and Abigail. Mike's brother was killed in southern Baghdad on July 17th.

Stacy expressed her appreciation of the event and thanked the legislators for "taking time out of their busy day to honor these soldiers."

Each family was presented with a certificate of appreciation —one boy wearing a small military uniform, while a clearly pregnant woman stood with her daughter.

A similar ceremony for the families was conducted in the Senate on Friday, as well.