Silicon Graphics Inc., the producer of computerized effects for movies, has acquired software, patents and other assets of Linux Networx Inc., based in Bluffdale, in exchange for stock.

Silicon Graphics also received an investment from Oak Investment Partners and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company said Thursday.

The company is paying for the purchase of the assets with up to 390,000 shares of its common stock, according to a filing Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Silicon Graphics shares rose 10 cents Friday to close at $17.21. During the past year, the price has ranged from $14.62 to $30.66.

Linux Networx specializes in producing clustered Linux supercomputers that operate as production-ready supercomputing systems.

SGI spokeswoman Marla Robinson said Silicon Graphics will hire about 35 members of Linux Networx development team as part of the deal.