A bill making it easier for parents to transfer students into different schools passed its first legislative hurdle Friday.

HB349, sponsored by Rep. Julie Fisher, R-Fruit Heights, would extend schools' open enrollment windows, change the definition of when a school is full and make schools post enrollment capacity information and other data online to better inform the public.

The bill also contains provisions to prevent loopholes for coaches to inappropriately recruit students from other schools. It also aims to protect already-full special education or Title I programs, where enrollments are purposely kept small.

"Some school districts are doing open enrollment currently quite well, and it hasn't been an issue," Fisher told the House Education Committee. "But there are some districts that have not done so well."

But Granite Board of Education President Sarah Meier said her district is doing a good job, and that the bill could damage staffing efforts — particularly difficult in a teacher shortage. "This is problematic," she said.

The committee approved the bill and sent it to the full House for debate.