Dear Heloise: This is in response to a recent column about having to keep track of when magazine subscriptions are due. There is actually printed somewhere on the mailing label the expiration of your subscription. I would suggest calling the toll-free number (you can find it in the magazine), and then you will know how to read the label and know when your subscription runs out. —Chris, Epsom, N.H.

Chris, you are right — there usually is a way to read the code on the label that will give you the expiration information, but sometimes it's a real mystery! Calling is the easy way to go. —Heloise

Dear Readers: Did you buy some bathtub appliques and have a few left over? Here are some hints for how to use them:

• Put on a highchair seat to make it nonslip.

• Attach to the bottom of a child's wading pool.

• Put on a sliding-glass door so no one runs into it.

• Make socks nonslick by adding a small applique to the bottom of each one. —Heloise

Dear Heloise: Yesterday, while grocery shopping, I saw a lady in an electric scooter (hers, not one provided by the store with a shopping basket). She had a pop-up hamper sitting in front of her. It held her purchases until she got to the checkout. I also carry one in the back of my vehicle. It's great to hold items that would otherwise end up rolling out of reach, as they often do when I apply the brakes. —Sylvia Papoutsas, San Angelo, Texas

I love these little pop-ups. They are cheap and have a lot of uses! —Heloise

Dear Heloise: I just read the hint about putting owner's manuals in a notebook. There are also instructions with different products you receive that should be kept.

I found that filing each thing under the room in which it resides helps you find information fast. I have folders for living room, kitchen, outside, garage, bedroom, etc. For large, outside motorized items, we do have the notebooks — as those guarantees and instructions are quite thick. —Karen Hanson, Salem, Ore.

Dear Heloise: I have another great way to recycle plastic grocery bags. I work in a library, and we are always happy to get plastic bags in good shape. We put books in them for our patrons when it is raining. This also saves the library money by not having to buy bags.

Keep up the wonderful work — I love your column. —Nancy Daley, Freehold, N.J.

Dear Heloise: I do not like the newfangled pull-top cans that are on the market. They are hard for my wife to open. They leave a mess around the top of the can, inside and outside. Also, I don't like the ring of sharp metal left around the top inside of the can. —Marion T. Carr, Columbia, S.C.

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