51: Percentage of baby boomers who said they are doing financial planning and that their goals are set and on track, according to a survey by KeyBank and Zogby International.

67: Percentage who believe they will or could run out of money in their lifetime.

Source: Keycorp

75: Percentage of Americans who believe U.S. foreign policy is driving dissatisfaction with America abroad, according to a poll by the non-profit organizations World Learning and the Aspen Institute.

73: Percentage of Americans who are very or somewhat worried that the U.S. is losing the trust and friendship of other countries.

63: Percentage who worry that Americans will be less welcome in other parts of the world.

Source: World Learning

1: Rank of Asia among the regions with the highest salary increases forecast for 2008, according to a survey conducted by ECA International, the world's largest membership organization for international human resources.

1, 2, 3, 4: Ranks of India, Argentina, Indonesia and Russia among the countries in the world with the highest predicted salary increases for 2008.

1, 2, 3 (tie), 4: Ranks of Switzerland, Japan, France and Austria, and Germany among the countries in the world with the lowest predicted salary increases for 2008.

Source: ECA International

1934: Year Robert Royce of Woodstock, Vt., used several hundred feet of rope, the engine out of an old Model T Ford and some ingenuity to make the first ski tow in the U.S. at Gilbert's Hill, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

500: Estimated number of ski resorts across the U.S.

57 million: Estimated number of times per year these resorts are visited by winter sports enthusiasts.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

$74,570: Average salary for technology professionals in 2007, according to Dice Salary Survey.

1: Rank of Silicon Valley as the tech pros' highest paying metro area.

$93,876: Average salary for tech pros in Silicon Valley.

2, 3, 4, 5: Ranks of Boston ($83,465), Baltimore/Washington, D.C. ($81,750), Los Angeles ($81,039) and New York ($80,770) on the list of highest paying metro areas.

Source: Dice Holdings Inc.

33: Percentage of workers who say they have either accepted or left a job due to the condition of the building and/or the amenities offered, according to a national survey by Blumberg Capital Partners.

47: Percentage of workers who described their office buildings and office environments as either "bland," "dumpy" or "stodgy."

1, 2, 3, 4: Ranks of covered parking, subsidized cafeteria or restaurant, fitness or workout center, and on-site day care on the list of the most important office building amenities.

Source: Blumberg Capital

None: Minimum statutory employee notice period in the U.S. and Mexico between resignation and departure (for white-collar employees with one year's service), according to data from Mercer's Global HR Factbook.

1 week: Minimum statutory employee notice period in Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.K.

2 weeks: Minimum statutory employee notice period in Cyprus, Finland, Malta, Russia, Ukraine, Bolivia and Spain.

2 months: Minimum statutory employee notice period in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Source: Mercer

73: Percentage of U.S. adults who say they are very or somewhat likely to reduce their overall debt level in 2008, according to an Experian/Gallup poll.

49: Percentage who say they plan to cut back on entertainment outlays.

58: Percentage of U.S. adults who say they are not likely to read a book or take a course on personal finance.

56: Percentage who say they are not likely to reduce the number of credit cards they have.

Source: Experian Consumer Direct

62: Percentage of companies that have made policy changes to better accommodate working parents, according to a survey of senior executives developed by Office Team.

Source: OfficeTeam

1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Ranks of the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Aruba as the top island getaways for U.S. travelers, based on recent traffic for these destinations on tripadvisor.com.

Source: TripAdvisor

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