You've got to give Mike Huckabee credit for schtick. He is now running for name recognition and 2012 consideration. Although Mitt Romney has departed the race, Huckabee continues to reference himself and John McCain as the "only two candidates who ran a 'civil' campaign." Civility, according to Huckabee, forbids an opponent from pointing out inconsistencies in one's own voting record but does not preclude a misrepresentation of his.

In spite of denials to the contrary, Romney's religion was the key factor in his being unacceptable to evangelicals, many of whom are exposed to sermons that anticipate the warm climate they believe Mormons will occupy in the world to come. And since politics remains a battle for the minds of the mindless, one doubts that Mitt could or should attempt a run in 2012.

Frank T. Gardiner