CEDAR HILLS — City Council members gave preliminary approval for a subdivision to be built on part of the city-owned golf course during a special council meeting Tuesday.

The subdivision would contain 19 residential lots and a large commercial lot over the golf course's 15th hole.

The subdivision would bring in close to $7 million and would help to pay off the $6 million golf-course bond.

"All of the money would be used to pay down that debt," said Councilwoman Charelle Bowman.

The remainder would help pay for the course configuration that would be done.

The 15th hole would be reconfigured before construction begins on the old hole, so that the course will not be closed during the process.

"We are gearing up for spring golf, and we want to emphasize that no golf will be missed because of the reconfiguration," Mayor Michael McGee said.

The lots will be located 10950 North and 10570 North on the east side of Canyon Road. Due to residents' concerns, the city also will require a separate entrance for the commercial lot so that it is not a shared entrance with the residential area.

During the meeting the council listened to several advertising firms who would help pitch the reconfiguration to the course and get things ready for the season to open.

"(The golf course) is important because we own it and it brings in revenue for the city," McGee said. "Right now we are close to breaking even, so once we get it paid off, it will be a pretty good source of city money."

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