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Photo By Doug Seymour
The Redwalls recently played a festival tour with Oasis.

The music of the early artists of rock 'n' roll is what grabbed Andrew Langer when he was a kid.

"It's funny because I'm pretty young, but Buddy Holly, the Beatles, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones and Carl Perkins were some of the people that I wanted to sound like," said Langer, guitarist/vocalist of The Redwalls, during a phone call from his home in Chicago. "They introduced me to the guitar. And I felt good when I played."

For 10 years, The Redwalls — Langer, drummer Rob Jensen and brothers Logan and Justin Baren, guitar and bass, respectively — are now playing their own brand of glam-inspired garage rock.

The band's most recent, self-titled CD was released in October. But getting it into stores was a major pain.

The Redwalls had signed a contract with Capitol Records, which released the band's album "De Nova" in 2005. While recording the new album in 2006, Capitol Records began to downsize, due to an approaching merger with Virgin Records.

"Everyone we knew was getting laid off," Langer said. "And we knew it was a matter of time before we would be dropped."

Sure as day, The Redwalls account was closed at Capitol. The good thing, however, was the fact that the label gave the CD tapes back to the band.

"It was a relief that we were able to get the CD back," Langer said. "The company paid for the recording and just gave us the recording back so we could do what we wanted to with it."

The CD was recorded in about three months, Langer said. "We did some changes to the songs, but we released the album through an independent label that didn't interfere with our music."

In the past few years The Redwalls have toured with some of their contemporary idols.

"We did a festival tour with Oasis and played to 60,000 people every night," Langer said. "Playing to that many people is much easier for me than playing a little club. It does take a lot of energy to play to and focus on 15 people in a dark club than a stadium full of music lovers."

If you go ...

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