A bill regulating the way mobile home parks are sold passed through the Senate Business and Labor committee on Wednesday.

HB48 already made it through the House, and now moves to the Senate for floor debate.

The bill requires a nine-month notification to mobile home owners before their lease can be terminated and prohibits rent increases during that time. It also prevents local governments from passing ordinances to close the parks.

At least 13 mobile home parks closed in 10 cities across the state last year, said Rep. Phil Riesen, D-Salt Lake, the bill's sponsor. He said the bill is a compromise that protect both the rights of the mobile home owners as well as the property rights of the park owner.

Sen. Kevin T. VanTassell, R-Vernal, said the bill provides enough time for the mobile home owners to move their homes before the park closes.

"You just don't move one, even if you have the money, in two days or 30 days," VanTassell said. "The nine months is a great structure here."