A bill that passed favorably from a Senate committee Wednesday would appropriate $2 million to the Swanson Tactical Training Center in the Weber Industrial Park in Weber County.

The center, originally situated in Business Depot Ogden, was built by the Swanson Foundation, which continues to operate the training center. It is situated on 18 acres and includes four live-fire shooting areas and a variety of urban-warfare setups designed to train police and the military.

The Swanson Foundation has spent $12 million on the facility so far and would use the $2 million to continue the facility's expansion and offset usage costs to give smaller police departments access to the center.

W. Charles Swanson, chairman of the Swanson Foundation board and the acting president of the tactical training center, said the facility is the only one of its kind in the region and attracts departments from throughout Utah and surrounding states. He said users also include the Utah Army National Guard's 19th Special Forces and groups from Hill Air Force Base.