For years, I'd fasted and prayed to the Lord saying, "Please, I'm tired of doing all the asking. Just once can't someone ask me out on a date for a change? Please?"

About a month ago that prayer was finally answered. He was in his 30s, hadn't completed any higher education, saw no problem with a round of golf on Sunday and was still living with his parents.

Yes, it's that time when we celebrate love and relationships. But whether you've just broken up or, like me, you're still waiting for Mr. Right to show up, Valentine's Day can be a day of agonizing frustration for the single folk.

When you live in a state where everything — and you know what I mean when I say everything — is centered on marriage, home and family life, it can be especially frustrating. And if that married life doesn't include a dozen little darlings, then something is wrong with you. If you're still an unmarried gal with no children by age 29 then, at least in Utah, something is very wrong with you!

Well, ladies, you're not alone. So whether you plan to curl up with your favorite chick flick and a pint of Ben & Jerry's tonight and indulge in some good old-fashioned self-pity, as I'll probably be doing, or you're planning an incredible Girls' Night Out, just keep in mind that there's a hundred-thousand-gazillion other single women out there who are secretly wishing they could be somewhere else tonight too.

If you're like me, you've realized by now that there aren't as many "choice young men" who are still in the single dating pool as compared to the number of "choice young women" still frantically searching. Sometimes I forget we're living in the last days. The brethren of the church understand this dilemma we're in.

"But," you may say, "they're married men! Men don't even have a clue what this is like for us!" I know, I know, but just hear me out a minute.

I've done some research. It's not found in any scriptures (except maybe Isaiah 54:1), but the Lord has inspired the brethren of the church to give us single unmarried women some hope and counsel. From President Lorenzo Snow to our dearly departed President Gordon B. Hinckley, they have been quoted saying such things as "a young woman with no opportunity for marriage in this life ... will have every opportunity in the next."

It's a bitter pill to swallow, facing the fact that many of us may have to wait ... and wait ... and wait some more, perhaps until the second coming, or whatever has to come before being granted our heart's desire.

Trust the brethren, it will come.

In the meantime, we've been counseled to keep fulfilling our church callings, do volunteer work, keep offering to baby-sit little nieces and nephews, and keep working on those career goals.

And tonight, as you're watching that chick flick and pondering on all happy and unhappy marriages and relationships you've seen thus far in your life (my own biological father is currently dating a 39-year-old!) and stuffing your face in an attempt to avoid thinking about your obvious lack of one, keep this little poem in mind:

"When fretted by this single life which seems to be my lot,

"I think of all the many men whose wife I'm glad I'm not!" — Anonymous

Happy Single Awareness Day!

Michelle Llewellyn is a prenursing major at the University of Utah