Following are links to some of the best of what we've seen in the Bloggernacle (LDS-oriented blog sites) today:

— Update: The Worldwide Leadership Training Broadcast archives did not go up as scheduled. Instead the "archives are expected to be available before the end of February. When the archives are available, a link will be added to this feature." ldsWebguy provides even more info here.

— Thought-provoking article on the concept of certainty as an emotion. What does it mean when one says, "I know . . . "? Fascinating!

Relief Society Arms? No, this doesnt refer to a militant Relief Society, although some women might want to go to war to fight the flab on their arms. Check out this hilarious and too-true-to-life post.

— Hat-tip to Mormon Matters for sending us to "Latter-day Saint/Mormon Comic Characters". Very fun!