OREM — An Orem man saved a pregnant mother and her two children from a blazing apartment fire Sunday night.

Eric Baker noticed smoke filling the apartment building at 244 W. 1040 North in Orem and left his apartment.

Once outside, he heard a woman and her children crying for help from their third-floor balcony. Baker quickly scaled the outside of the building to their balcony, said Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards.

Once there, he did a great job, passing the children down to Orem officer Justin Seithzinger on the second-floor balcony, who then passed the children to officer Travis Nye on the ground, Edwards said.

By then, fire trucks had arrived and were able to use a ladder to help the six-months'-pregnant woman to the ground, Edwards said. No one was injured.

Firefighters fought the fire from the outside, thendoused the insides of the apartments on all three floors to prevent flare-ups.

Three of the other 12 apartments were damaged by fire, and all were filled with smoke, Edwards said.

Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire, but don't believe arson was involved.

Police were not able to interview the occupants of the ground-level apartment where the fire started, as the family that lived there fled soon after the fire.