The Senate bill that would allow home school students hoping to participate in extra curricular activities as public high schools with an affidavit from a parent passed the Senate Tuesday morning with a vote of 16-13.

Currently home school students are allowed to participate in athletics and activities, but they must deal with each school or district individually regarding eligibility standards.

Some districts require an affidavit, while others ask for a portfolio of work. Students have also been asked to take tests that prove their academic eligibility.

Bill sponsor Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Eagle Mountain, said this will create a state-wide standard for home school students so that eligibility requirements don't vary from district to district.

But the Utah High School Activities Association is opposed to the bill saying it creates a special eligibility exemption for home school students that does not exist for those in traditional class room settings. It also, they say, takes control from local schools to determine eligibility of the students involved in activities.