I find it interesting that Heidi Sylvester of Draper presumes to tell me and others who live in Senate District 15 what to think of our senator, Margaret Dayton.

First, Ms. Sylvester misrepresents SB93. It only clarifies scope of practice for the 16 direct-entry midwives who asked for licensure from the state. Licensure is accompanied by regulation, and the direct-entry midwives want licensure with no regulation, thus the need for the bill.

Second, I'm pleased that my senator wants licensure granted by the state to mean something so it does "provide" any benefit for her constituents and the people of Utah.

Third, would Ms. Sylvester like me to evaluate her senator for her? I think it best if she does that herself and then decides if she will continue to support him. As for me, I will continue to campaign for and vote for Margaret Dayton.

Richard Jaussi