COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — The mayor and City Council here have been moving forward with plans to create an independent police force and are likely to appoint a police chief today.

The appointment is planned to take place at the City Council business meeting at 7 p.m. That meeting will also include a vote on changing city ordinances to allow for a police force, said Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore.

The city leaders voted unanimously Jan. 8 to create an independent police force. They had previously contracted with the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department and wanted more local control, Cullimore said at the time.

Among the problems cited by the city was Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder's decision to remove the city's top officer, Lt. Robbie Russo, for unexplained disciplinary reasons.

The city interviewed Russo in their search for a chief and feel the disciplinary actions were unwarranted, Cullimore said. City officials declined to release their choice for chief prior to Tuesday's vote but many believe Russo will receive the appointment.