Low- and moderate-income families with no prescription drug coverage may qualify for a discount card to reduce the cost of medications.

Together RX Access is designed to help individuals and families who are not eligible for Medicare by providing discounts on more than 300 brand-name and generic medications through participating pharmacies. Many of the largest pharmaceutical companies offer savings at the pharmacy counter through the program, according to executive director Roba Whiteley.

Typically, the discounts range from 25 to 40 percent.

About 47 million Americans do not have health-care coverage, including 9 million children, Whiteley said. "They're a diverse group — young people, old people, single people, urban people, rural people. A disproportionate number belong to ethnic communities."

The vast majority of the families work, sometimes two or more jobs. Because they're so busy with their jobs and taking care of their parents and their children, they often don't take care of themselves, Whiteley said. The program's designed to help them afford the medications they need.

To qualify, a person must not have prescription drug coverage, not be eligible for Medicare and must have income of less than $30,000 as an individual or $60,000 for a family of four. It's sponsored by the drug companies themselves and works as a philanthropic initiative. The card is free.

Eligible individuals obtain the Together RX Access card and take it to a participating neighborhood pharmacy to receive savings on the brand-name and generic drugs that are part of the program. You can apply and find the participating pharmacies at the Web site www.togetherrxaccess.com, where there's also a list of medications that are covered. Those without online access can call 1-800-966-0407 to enroll.

Whiteley said more than 6,000 Utahns already participate and nationwide they're signing up 10,000 people a week.

They'll also be doing a push at a health fair at the Capitol Wednesday.

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