Sunday best

BYU baseball player Kent Walton is back with the team after a flap over eligibility.

Seems his ecclesiastical endorsement was withdrawn by his LDS bishop, who reportedly felt Walton wasn't attending enough church. No church, no ballgames.

Sounds a bit like the rules at home, doesn't it?

Still, BYU might actually be onto something here.

Do you think Florida State players would be getting into trouble if they were required to attend church every Sunday?

Coach: Here's your schedule, guys. Sunday School at 8, film at 11.

These dreams

It's almost everyone's fantasy to play big-time college football.

In the case of Kevin Hart of Reno, Nev., it just happened to be a really big fantasy.

The 6-foot-5, 290-pound offensive lineman held a press conference last week to announce he had chosen Cal over Oregon. Squeals of delight erupted from students gathered in the gym.

Trouble was, neither university recruited him.

Hart said he made up the story because he wanted so much to play there.

Yeah, well, I dreamed of playing with the Doobie Brothers, but I didn't hold a press conference to announce I was going on tour with them.

A dinosaur

The Lincoln Star-Journal noted recently that a bill to "prevent football playing in the State of Nebraska" was introduced in 1897 but voted down.

Added Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: "Football in the state wouldn't be threatened with extinction again. That is until 2004 — when the Cornhuskers hired Bill Callahan."

The first cut

Far be it from me to be skeptical, but this Brad Miller thing seems slightly fishy.

The Sacramento Kings center took nine stitches in his right index finger last week, the result of what he said was a dish-stacking accident.

There are two weird things about this story.

First, it's strangely similar to the time Jazz forward Robert Whaley claimed to have cut his hand retrieving a knife from his 2-year-old son, then he said he was reaching in a candy jar.

Second, since when did NBA players start washing their own dishes?

The next stage

Jazz forward Kyle Korver recently told Fox-13's Rick Aaron he eats between 25 and 30 peanut butter-and-jam sandwiches a week.

Word is he hopes to land a contract extension so next year he can upgrade to macaroni and cheese for lunch.

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