The Legislature's top budget committee met for the first time Monday but with the understanding no action would be taken until after new revenue estimates are released next week.

There is a hint of worry among legislators that spending for next year could be lower than anticipated. At least one budget subcommittee r chairman said his group would like to change its recommendations for funding once the estimates are released.

"We obviously know you are working in an environment where we don't know the cap, and we don't know the floor," said Sen. Greg Bell, R-Fruit Heights, during the meeting of the Executive Appropriations Committee. "Had we a limited floor, there would be different recommendations, absolutely."

At present, the state has spent about $11 billion in base budgets, with just over $800 million left to divvy out to programs. The money could go to fund items such road fixes, salary increases for some state employees or programs for the disabled.

Like most years, groups and agencies have requested more money than available, according to legislative leaders.

Executive Appropriations is scheduled to meet on Wedneday to hear presentions about budget requests. New revenue estimates are planned to be available on Monday next week, after which the committee will begin to decide how to spend available money in the state's budget.