Tom Smart, Deseret Morning News
Carolyn Tuft blows a kiss to her daughter, Kirsten Hinckley, at Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park last year.

What does one say after losing their daughter to such a horrible event?

I watched her die, and that will always be horrifically etched into my brain. The sadness at the loss is intensely heartbreaking.

Kirsten was a vibrant, beautiful person! She had a laugh that came from deep down and then burst with happiness. It was contagious! She LOVED life and everyone in it. The sparkle in her eyes matched her contagious giggles. The world truly lost a great person with her death. No doubt would she have gone on to do amazing things with her talent and compassion.

Not only was she beautiful to look at, she was beautiful on the inside.

I DO want to say what an amazing community we live in! I have been lifted by the gestures of countless people. I wish I could personally thank each one, but I want them all to know how much they are appreciated. The kindness from total strangers continues to touch me!

As for me, each day is a journey. Admittedly tough, but we survive and go forward. Life is still beautiful!