Thirteen new patents were awarded to Utah inventors on Jan. 15:

Lid support and forming system for pool cover box. Lanny R. Smith, Alpine. Assigned to Lanny R. Smith, Alpine. Filed Dec. 27, 2005, a divisional of Patent No. 7,011,782, filed Aug. 8, 2003. Patent No. 7,318,243.

Gas delivery device for infants. Daniel S. Cockerham, Magna. Filed Feb. 8, 2005, claiming priority to provisional Patent Application No. 60/543,093, filed Feb. 9, 2004. Patent No. 7,318433.

Cooking form (for making uniquely shaped pancakes and other food). Michelle C. Welch, South Jordan; Grant Williams, Salt Lake City. Filed Oct. 5, 2004, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,318,575.

Binding system. Chad John Whittaker, Springville; Brendan Perkins, Salt Lake City; Ben Walker, Jake Hall, both of Draper; Paul Terry, David Narajowski, Thomas Laakso, David Mellon, all of Park City. Assigned to Black Diamond Equipment, Salt Lake City. Filed Nov. 12, 2005. Patent No. 7,318,597.

Active venting apparatus and method for airbag systems. Timothy A. DePottey, Flint, Mich.; Melissa Ziolo, David W. Schneider, both of Waterford, Mich.; Charles Sherwin, Mayville, Mich.; David J. Green; Brigham City. Assigned to Autoliv ASP Inc., Ogden. Filed March 13, 2006, a continuation-in-part of Patent No. 7,017,945, filed May 17, 2002. Patent No. 7,318,602.

Wide safety strap for electrical fixtures. Brent L. Kidman, Spanish Fork. Assigned to Cheetah USA Corp., Sandy. Filed Nov. 29, 2006, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,318,732.

Three-dimensional assembly. Fabio Elias, Midvale. Filed March 17, 2006, claiming priority to provisional Patent Application No. 60/670,302, filed April 12, 2005. Patent No. 7,318,764.

Biodestruction of blended residual oxidants. Jess C. Brown, Sarasota, Fla.; Brandon C. Heidelberger, Sandy; Rick D. Wheadon, Alpine; Edwin J. Hansen Jr., Magna. Assigned to Carollo Engineers PC, Fountain Valley, Calif. Filed Oct. 11, 2006, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,318,895.

Towel dispensing and treatment system. William Shadrach III, Salt Lake City. Filed March 3, 2006, claiming priority to multiple prior patent applications. Patent No. 7,318,949.

Shielded gate trench FET with the shield and gate electrodes being connected together. Nathan Kraft, Pottsville, Pa.; Christopher Boguslaw Kocon, Mountaintop, Pa.; Paul Thorup, West Jordan. Assigned to Fairchild Semiconductor Corp., South Portland, Maine. Filed June 19, 2006. Patent No. 7,319,256.

Downhole transmission system. David R. Hall, Provo; Joe Fox, Spanish Fork. Assigned to IntelliServ Inc., Provo. Filed Jun. 28, 2004. Patent No. 7,319,410.

Method and system for distributing personalized editions of media programs using bookmarks. Robert E. Novak, Santa Clara, Calif.; James K. Okamoto, Saratoga, Calif.; Kory D. Christensen, Kaysville. Assigned to Digeo Inc., Kirkland, Wash. Filed Dec. 6, 2001. Patent No. 7,320,137.

Ladder wheel pair. N. Ryan Moss, Mapleton; Jack W. Bowers, Springville. Assigned to Wing Enterprises Inc., Springville. Filed Feb. 11, 2006. Design Patent No. D560,001.

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