The Salt Lake County Council was slapped silly and scolded to mind their manners earlier this week.

West Jordan resident Alexandra Eframo blasted council members for eating candy during a recent County Council meeting, despite the fact a sign on the door bans all food and drink from the council chambers.

"Take the candy home, folks," Eframo said. "Please, set an example. Don't be hypocritical."

Then, in typical County Council fashion, several council members joked and talked among themselves while Eframo continued to use her allotted three-minute public comment to talk about the rowdy manners allowed at the county libraries.

"Please listen to me and not talk," Eframo chided Councilmen David Wilde and Jeff Allen. The councilmen quickly listened up, but Wilde kept his head down.

"What is your name," Eframo asked Wilde.

"My name is Davie Wilde, you can report me to the sheriff and he can arrest me," Wilde quipped.

The council took the beating in stride.

"I'm glad she chastised us," Councilman Marv Hendrickson said. "We had it coming."