Title:"Mormon Scientist: The Life and Faith of Henry Eyring"

Author: by Henry J. Eyring

Publisher: Deseret Book

Pages: 330

Price: $24.95

In a Nutshell: This interesting biography of Henry Eyring, a famed and charismatic Mormon scientist, is revealing about both the man's intellectual acuity and scientific accomplishments as well as his powerful personal impact on people. Eyring, while educated at Princeton and known for excellence in research, returned to Utah to raise his family. In both New Jersey and Utah, he made an impression as a down-to-earth, genuinely funny human being who made a deep impression on young people struggling with religion and science. His grandson, Henry J. Eyring, whose academic degrees are in geology, business administration and law, has effectively captured his illustrious relative. It's too bad a photograph of Eyring the scientist does not grace the book's jacket.