As part of a restructuring plan aimed at increasing sales, Macy's said Salt Lake City will be the headquarters of one of 20 newly formed districts.

The Salt Lake City-based district will comprise 10 stores, including the five Macy's stores in Utah, as well as stores in Montana, southeast Idaho and Wyoming, Macy's spokesman Jim Sluzewski said Thursday.

The district will have about 20 managers, Sluzewski said. Macy's has not yet decided whether to hire people for the 20 management positions or to transfer current employees from other parts of the United States. The managers will have their offices inside the stores, and the company does not plan to rent additional office space for the district base.

The restructuring will add 250 jobs nationwide in local markets. The 20 new districts are replacing three regional divisions in Minneapolis, St. Louis and Seattle. As many as 2,300 employees at the three regional headquarters offices are being laid off in the next 90 days.

Sluzewski said the new districts will empower local executives to make better decisions and to plan and buy based on local customers' needs.

The changes came after Macy's sales in the last quarter of 2007 fell 6.1 percent compared with the last quarter of 2006.