The Utah Supreme Court on Thursday heard the legal arguments of Intermountain Healthcare, which is attempting to evict its tenant, Southern Exposure, from its longtime location in Murray.

However, a final decision in the decade-long case may be months away.

Southern Exposure is appealing two district court summary judgments concerning the termination of its lease with the health-care company.

The strip club had a lease that could have lasted until 2014 with IHC.

IHC assumed the lease when it purchased the property. IHC built a hospital on the majority of the land. .

The property in question is in Murray on State Street at about 5300 South.

In March 1998, the club failed to pay rent. That prompted a notification of lease termination from IHC.

Thursday's arguments concerned whether that termination remained viable between the time it was served and the 11 months that passed before IHC filed suit. Southern Exposure refused to leave during those months and is still using the rented property.

Supreme Court justices listened to the arguments of both sides and asked pointed questions. They then closed the hearing, promising to consider the issue carefully before issuing a final judgment.

"There is nothing simple about this case," one of the justices said jokingly during the proceedings.

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