Vince Vaughn in "Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show." The film takes a look at Vaughn's monthlong tour across the country.
VINCE VAUGHN'S WILD WEST COMEDY SHOW — ** 1/2 — Comedy concert film featuring Vince Vaughn, Ahmed Ahmed and others; rated R (profanity, vulgarity, drugs, slurs)

In several respects, "Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show" is a better documentary than it is a comedy concert film.

In fact, some of the best and funniest moments in the sporadically amusing movie come when the featured comedians aren't even onstage.

And there's some extremely R-rated language — including some fairly graphic sex talk and other crudities — that will surely prove to be too much for a few audiences.

Subtitled "30 Days & 30 Nights — Hollywood to the Heartland," the film looks at a monthlong tour across the country that comic actor Vaughn took in 2005 with stand-up comedians Ahmed Ahmed, John Caparulo, Bret Ernst and Sebastian Mansicalco.

Vaughn was responsible for "warming up" the audiences and introducing the comics, who performed in headlining shows nearly every night in venues from California to Chicago.

They were also accompanied by Vaughn's longtime friend Peter Billingsley (the show's executive producer), his "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" co-star Justin Long and his "Wedding Crashers" co-star Keir O'Donnell.

And his best pal Jon Favreau even made a couple of appearances — during an onstage spoof of his IFC talk show "Dinner for Five" and during a re-creation of a scene from the 1996 hit "Swingers," with Long interpreting some of Vaughn's most memorable lines.

Director Ari Sandel won an Oscar for his 2005 short "West Bank Story," but his feature filmmaking debut is less assured and isn't assembled nearly as well.

Still, he and editors Jim Kelly and Dan Lebental did select bits from the shows that apparently give a clear picture of what the day-to-day, touring grind was really like.

The arguable highlight is a scene in which the comedians give complimentary tickets to one of their shows to Hurricane Katrina evacuees. Just prior to that, the comics are shown whining about their supposedly meager motel accommodations.

"Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show" is rated R for strong sexual language and humor (nonstop profanity, crude slang and other sexually suggestive talk), drug references, and slurs based on race and ethnicity. Running time: 100 minutes.

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