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Austin Holt

A look at the top 10 players from the state of Utah who signed national letters of intent with a Division I school on Wednesday, in alphabetical order.

Kevan Bills, Timpview (BYU)

"You can't block him. At least we couldn't. He runs well, is physical and has the physique to be a college player. What I like about him most is how he plays with a mean streak."

— Mountain View High coach Teko Johnson

Austin Holt, Bingham (BYU)

"Everyone knows he's a big, tall receiver and has great hands, but what gave us fits was his great blocking ability. He really set the tone for their running game. His best attribute was his strength and blocking ability."

— Alta High coach Les Hamilton

Lynn Katoa, Cottonwood (Colorado)

"Offensively, we've always had to account for him. In our opinion as a staff, he was the most dominant player on Cottonwood's team. He's a very cordial young man. It's my opinion he'll make an impact at the next level. He's a very good athlete."

— East High coach Aaron Whitehead

Dave Kruger, Timpanogos (Utah)

"He definitely has the abilities and size to be a very good D-I player. I just hope he stays healthy and matures enough to meet the high expectations that they have at the next level. But this is a wonderful opportunity for the kid."

— Timpanogos High coach Dale Sampson

Jake Murphy, American Fork (BYU)

"I'm just impressed with how he's such a great athlete. He's such a good athlete that I think he could play either side of the ball at the D-I level. But what I really like about him most is how he attacks the ball. It doesn't seem to matter where they throw it, he has the ability to go up and come down with the ball."

— Timpanogos High coach Brad Molen

Garett Nicholson, West (BYU)

"His athleticism, we definitely had to prepare for that. When he got the ball he was one of the best athletes we'd seen all year. He was such a threat out of the backfield and on special teams. He affected all aspects of the game, but I think he'll have to grow a little bit ... at the next level."

—Highland High coach Brody Benson

Sausan Shakerin, Alta (Utah)

"He's really one of the most talented kids that we've played against in the last few years. I don't think I've ever had anyone rush for more yards than he did in (the 2006) championship game. With his injuries he didn't have quite the same year last year. I'm glad he's a senior and I don't have to prepare a game plan against him."

— Bingham High coach Dave Peck

Justin Sorensen, Bingham (BYU)

"He's obviously going to have a great impact on the college scene, but the thing that impressed me most, at the high school all-state awards banquet I had a chance to talk to him and he's such a nice kid. He represents the state of Utah very well."

— Jordan High coach Alex Jacobsen

Derek Tuimauga, Bingham (Utah)

"What a great talent. Over the years they ran to his side instead of away from him, and I guess if I had someone like that I would, too. He's like a wall, and he has surprisingly good feet for how big he is."

—Alta coach Les Hamilton

Lewis Walker, Judge (Hawaii)

"I think he's going to be a great D-I player, he has tremendous speed and he's extremely athletic. That guy covers as much ground when the balls in the air as anyone I've seen in my 17 years in football in this state. That guy can move."

— Logan High coach Mike Favero