RIVERDANCE, through Sunday, Kingsbury Hall (581-7100 or www.kingsburyhall.org)

Once again the "Riverdance" show-stopper is a little number called "Trading Taps."

During this cheer-emoting segment, traditional and stoic Celtic dancers face off with loose grooving American tap dancers. And while the styles are oceans apart, the love of movement brings them together.

Parker Hall and Jason Bernard are brilliant as the nimble American tappers. And the pair give the Celtic dancers — Marty Dowds, Liam Ayres and Karl Callaghan — a run for their money.

"Riverdance" has found its way back to Kingsbury Hall. And rumor has it this is the final tour in America. While the dancing isn't as rigid as it was when "Riverdance" first opened in 1994, there is still enough flare and theatrics that will please Utah audiences until the last show on Sunday.

On Tuesday, Dowds and Alana Mallon led the troupe through the history of the world, as seen through Celtic dance.

But regardless of cast, technique, timing and precision are important in the specialized choreography. With high steps and lightning speed, the dancers click and clack their way into the audience members' hearts.

However, it's not all about Celtic dancing.

During "Firedance" and "Andalucia" on Tuesday, "Riverdance" veteran Carmen Armengou stamped out some moving flamenco. Although "Firedance" lacked a bit on the seductive sass, Armengou found the spark in "Andalucia."

The Moscow Folk Ballet Company added dimension to the production during "The Russian Dervish." The athletic piece had the men tossing and spinning their partners across the stage in another crowd-pleasing segment.

The MFBC was also spotlighted in the modern-dance flavored "Shivna."

Throughout "Riverdance," there are vocal highlights performed by the "Riverdance" singers. The songs, sometimes sung in English and sometimes sung in Gaelic, create an atmosphere of hope, beauty and nostalgia.

Backing the dancers and the singers is the "Riverdance" band — keyboardist Cathal Synnott, fiddler Pat Mangan, uileann piper/whistler Matt Bashford, percussionist Steve Holloway and saxophonist Daniel Dorrance.

Each band member gets a solo spot, which is always awarded by the audience with rousing applause.

In fact, it's easy to get caught up in the performance. With an array of music and dance crescendoes, flashy costumes and dramatic lighting, "Riverdance" touches people on different levels. And by the time the cast cranks out the finale, the audience can't help but stand, clap and cheer.

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