The Jordan School District Board of Education butted heads with a coalition of mayors from the east side of Salt Lake Valley Tuesday afternoon over a proposed Senate bill regarding the school district's transition procedure from one district to two.

The two sides expressed their differing opinions on SB71, which would clarify some of the legal language in current state statute regarding splitting districts. It would also provide funding to the new district within the first six months of the split.

The board would like to iron out differences and allocate funding without legislation, said board member Kim Murphy Horiuchi. However, it is willing to support SB71 if some changes can be included.

The group of mayors would also like to foster increased cooperation, but is concerned that the district may not agree with it, and therefore legislation is called for, according to Cottonwood Heights Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore.

Both sides expressed distrust of one another but said they wanted to regain confidence in future dealings.

No decisions were made at the joint meeting but individuals on both sides promised to consider revisions to SB17, which was approved by the Senate Education Committee based on an understanding that some aspects of the legislation will be revised.