A woman charged with obstruction of justice in the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy near the parking lot of Sears in downtown Salt Lake had her bail reduced Tuesday.

Michelle Ramirez, 22, made a brief appearance before 3rd District Court Judge Robert Hilder. Defense attorney David Shapiro argued his client was not a flight risk and the $500,000 bond placed on her was unjustly high. Hilder agreed and reduced her bail to $50,000.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 21.

Ramirez is accused of being the owner of the vehicle police say Luis Mendoza, 23, and 17-year-old Alex Rodriguez were driving when they got into an argument on Jan. 6 with 16-year-old Diego Mendoza, Joel Mendoza and 23-year-old Edner Orona. Both Diego Mendoza and Orona were shot four times each. Mendoza was killed. Orona survived.

Ramirez is accused of making multiple false statements to police and refusing to provide the identities of the people to whom she loaned her car.

An immigration hold has also been placed on Ramirez.