PROVO — An 18-year-old Utah County Jail inmate allegedly made three bomb threats targeting the Provo Courthouse on Jan. 31 while in the jail for other charges, according to a 4th District Court affidavit.

The threats were received on the voice mail of the inmate's probation agent. The three separate recorded messages were similar in nature, all saying, "there has been a bomb left at the courthouse and to be prepared to destruct," according to the police report.

The report also states that during the second phone call the inmate left a name and also stated that the "bomb would go off around 3:00."

The inmate was interviewed while in custody and admitted placing the calls from the jail and insisted that the bomb was to be detonated. Both the Provo Courthouse and Provo Justice Court were checked by bomb-detecting dogs but no evidence of an explosive was found.

The inmate's arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 11.