SPRINGVILLE — A Provo man is being held for investigation of aggravated robbery stemming from a December holdup of a local drugstore.

On Dec. 18 a man handed a note to the pharmacist at Springville's SOS Drugs. The note said, "give me all oxycontin, perkacet, roxyicet, phentanol patches and suckers. Comply with all my demands and no one gets hurt," according to the police report.

The man left the pharmacy after being given more than $900 worth of prescription medicine.

In late December, Springville police received information that a man had been bragging about robbing the pharmacy. Police said they then showed a photo of that man to witnesses of the robbery, and he was positively identified.

On Jan. 31, police received information that the man was staying in a Provo motel. He was located and arrested there that day, as he had several warrants out for his arrest.

The man, 28, now awaits a felony first arraignment on Feb. 11.