PROVO — "Anthology of Love," a series of six short plays — some funny, some touching — kicks off the 2008 Little Theatre season at the Covey Center for the Arts.

Artistic director J. Scott Bronson, who wrote one play and also directs and acts in the production, calls "Anthology of Love" "a little bit of fun for the holiday of love."

This is the first production of "Anthology," which features works by six playwrights — all with local ties. In addition to Bronson, the other authors are Arisael Rivera, Marianne Hales Harding, Elizabeth Gilliland, Eric Samuelsen, J. Scott Bronson and Anton Chekhov.

The six plays take place in various places where love can be found — some not so ordinary.

Rivera's contribution, "The Look," is a short comedy about love and ice cream that takes place in a supermarket. Marianne Hales Harding's tender play about love and cancer, "Hold Me," transpires in a kitchen. "One Step at a Time," by Elizabeth Gilliland, occurs in a closet and is about love and broken families. BYU theater professor Eric Samuelsen's "Rachel's Sister" examines love and marriage — within the walls of a tent. Love and death are the subjects of "The Make-up Artist" by Bronson, which unfolds in a mortuary. The sixth, "The Proposal," by Anton Chekhov, is about love and hunting and happens in a country estate drawing room.

While the other names, especially those of Samuelsen and Bronson, may be familiar to Utah playgoers, the local connection to Chekhov might be a little obscure.

Bronson explains, "'The Proposal' is a new translation by Dustin Condren, who was a student at BYU and which was recently done in San Diego. It's one of Chekhov's shortest plays and probably his funniest."

"Anthology of Love" features Bronson, Thom Duncan, Amanda Bakly, Megan Jones and Nate Hoffman as cast members for the six plays.

If you go

What: "Anthology of Love"

Where: Covey Center for the Arts, 425 W. Center, Provo

When: 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Feb. 7-March 1

Cost: $10

Phone: 852-7007