SPRINGVILLE — A court hearing for Lacey Plaisted, wife of BYU basketball center Trent Plaisted, was postponed Monday. She is charged with prescription drug DUI.

Springville prosecutors charged Plaisted, 21, with a first-offense class B misdemeanor DUI and a class C misdemeanor stemming from a traffic stop Dec. 13 in which a Utah County sheriff's officer said he observed Plaisted run a stop sign and exhibit irregular "signals in her driving pattern," police said. An initial report by a forensic nursing service found evidence of a drug described as "probably painkillers."

Plaisted had been scheduled to appear in Springville Justice Court on Monday, but her attorney, Greg Stewart, filed a motion requesting quantification of the drug results before her next appearance, prosecutor Paul DeWitt said.

Plaisted's next court date is set for March 18, DeWitt said.